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Grand Design for The London Royal Parks

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Possibly the most challenging project commissioned.

After countless meetings, complex project management and installation we have the first Kiosk insitu at Green Park, London. (Near to Buckingham Palace).

As the main contractor we used to unique projects and specialise in custom mobile catering units, van conversions and kiosks. However the scale and complexity of this project involved us managing experts in their fields from other incredible companies like Tom Raffield to steam bend the oak exterior and Macemain and Amstad to produce the most challenging, yet most rewarding project to date. We are privileged to work with the Colicci family and along with their creative insight, together we give you the Grand Design – The New Royal Park Kiosks.

Freddie Flintoff mobile fish and chip Van – Built by Towability

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Plum Pictures and Sky 1 approached Towability for quite an unusual request. A mobile fish and chip van for Freddie Flintoff.

Sky 1 wanted a vehicle conversion that’s was as traditional as fish and chips and not seen before on the street food circuit. We had the perfect vehicle in mind, a London Taxi Cab.
This inspired both Sky1 to start the ball rolling with a new TV project and for us a completely new vehicle conversion, with the added complexity of accomodating a 6 ft 4in national treasure.

Flintoff: Lord of the Fries, is a six-part hour-long series. Starting at a Lancastrian chip shop near to where Flintoff grew up, before heading to places including Giant’s Causeway and Whitby, touring with the Towability Freddie Flintoff mobile fish and chip Van.

We discovered, the actual London Taxi Cab lends itself quite easily to a mobile catering conversion, however it did require a complete custom build body. The addition of curved wooden corners for that extra added styling really sets it off.

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